Annual Servicing

Corinium Stoves is pleased to introduce a Woodburning Stove Maintenance Service. Buy into our Silver Service and for £65.00* we will service your woodburning stove installation. The service includes sweeping your flue lining. Upgrade to our Gold Service for £90.00* and in addition we will carry out a digital camera survey of your flue and provide you with a report. Please see below for further details.

We regret that we are unable to carry out services on stoves that we have not installed.

Please note that we are unable to carry out servicing in September, October, November and December.

Silver Service  

  • Check the stove glass for damage and clean. Advise replacement if necessary

  • Inspect door seals for tightness and replace rope seals if needed

  • Examine bricks, grates and baffles, and advise on replacement. No charge for fitting of bricks, only charge for bricks themselves

  • Check and adjust all air controls/riddling mechanisms/damper mechanisms

  • Examine all fire cement seals from the stove to the flue and re-joint if required

  • Examine register plate seals and reseal where required

  • Sweep flue liner to remove deposits

  • Removal of debris from register plate

  • Inspect body of stove and polish/paint

  • Check installation for draw/leaks

  • Advise on fuel being used

  • Check vents are clear where fitted


Gold Service

The includes: all of the above plus

  • Camera inspection of flue

  • Digital photograph and report sent to you directly 


*Please note that if you have a Vermont stove that requires a service this will incur a cost of £110.00 for a Silver Service and £135.00 for a Gold Service.


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